March 24, 2017

And the Award Goes To...

Brides often feel like walking down the aisle on their wedding day is their own oscar-worthy red carpet promenade, like being announced as a married couple for the first time feels as if they are proudly accepting an award, and their reception is of the caliber of the infamous and glamourous post-awards show parties where everyone celebrates a year (or a lifetime!) of achievement. The anticipation and celebration of the Oscars is so congruent with how we feel about our wedding day, we thought we’d hold our own awards event this year to show brides the best of the best gowns in each category and those performances this year that we won’t soon forget.


The votes are in, so take a look at the shining stars from this past year and find one to help complete your award-winning wedding day look.


Best Boho Chic Look

Some Hollywood mavens steer clear of the typical red carpet glamour and are envied for their ethereal beauty, captivating spirituality, down-to-earth charm and eclectic style. At times a ball gown can feel too typical, we wanted to highlight your favorite Boho-Chic look this year, and the winner was Lillian West Style 6468 . The geometric lace pattern of this gown has a patchwork-like appeal, and the stunning racer-back detail gives a modern flair to this vintage-inspired look.


Most Fit for a Queen

It seems like we’ve all had royal fever recently, between the cult-like following of Netflix’s The Crown and all of the excitement towards William and Kate’s growing family. The appeal of imagining life as a royal is something inherent in nearly all of us, and never is this feeling more prevalent than on a bride’s wedding day. Look and feel like the queen you are in this category’s winner, Signature Style 9858. Luxurious embroidered silk has a timeless appeal and the simple yet elegant design will make every bride feel like a princess.


Most Worthy of a Dance Scene

Dirty Dancing, Grease, Silver Linings Playbook, La La Land. The dance scenes that have taken our breath away over the years and had us imagining our own unforgettable first dance with our beloved. For that you need a dress that has fluid movement and fits close to the body, topped with plenty of sparkle to capture everyone’s stare. The winner this year is Signature Style 9847 with it’s light layered skirt and beautifully beaded bodice, you’ll be sure to move everyone with your dance moves.


Best New Trend

We always look to the red carpet to see what trends we’ll be spotting in the upcoming year. Fearless fashionistas flaunt bold and inspiring looks that you haven’t seen anywhere else. For the bride who wants to stray from the traditional, this year’s winner for Best New Trend goes to Sincerity Style 3936 with it’s soft cascading lace appliques and tattoo lace sleeves and back. This look is guaranteed to highlight the biggest thing in bridal fashion while also making you feel beautiful and comfortable on your wedding day.



Most Captivating Back

Sometimes the upfront, in-your-face performance is the one that captures our attention, but often those supporting roles, the ones that appear to be in the background are the most groundbreaking and unforgettable. Don’t let the back of your dress be an afterthought because after all, you’ll likely be showing off that backside a few times during your wedding. This year’s winner goes to Signature Style 9837 with it’s intricate hand-beading and shockingly-low illusion cut. This gown is guaranteed to steal the show and leave your guests unable to forget this performance.


Most Inspiring Detail

As far as acting goes, we know that the magic is in the details. It’s those little subtleties and nuances that cannot be taught that add up to a groundbreaking performance, a heartbreaking monologue, or even one simple yet captivating look. Our gowns seek to surprise in their intricate details, from hand-placed lace to stunning beadwork. The most inspiring detailed gown you voted on this year is Justin Alexander Style 8902, with it’s beautiful jewel-neck and hand-beaded lace bodice and delicate envelope-folded keyhole back, all atop a striking silk skirt all adds up to an award-winning look.


Most Flawless Performance

Those performances that took our breath away that often come from years of skill and practice. The ones that the actor makes seem easy, but really took time to perfect, understand, and perform. Our designers have been designing gowns for a very long time, laboring over what works and what doesn’t and how to make a woman look and feel beautiful on her wedding day. Our most Flawless Performance this year goes to Sincerity Style 3938 that embodies a seemingly simple and flawless beauty. This is the Meryl Streep of gowns, the one that grabs your attention for it’s strength and sincerity, it’s stunning grace and utter feminine charm.


Best Embodiment of Old Hollywood Glamour

Grace Kelly. Audrey Hepburn. Greta Garbo. Timeless Hollywood muses whose looks and performances embody the starlet they are, on and off the screen. Infallibly elegant with a captivating beauty, they’re the ladies we look to so often when we imagine our wedding day look. In honor of so many stunning leading ladies who have captured our hearts over the years, the winner for Best Embodiment of Old Hollywood Glamour is Signature Style 9861. Sequin beaded lace cascades into a curve-hugging fit-and-flare silhouette, opening up to a stunning and sexy keyhole back. This style is truly worthy making you into a star on your wedding day.


Most Dramatic Performance

Some brides go for a romantic and heartwarming presence, others for the fun, comedic affect. For those who want high drama and a fierce and unforgettable look, they should look towards Justin Alexander Style 8907. This all-lace gown with a a dramatic V-neckline and Mermaid silhouette features a removable sheer cape with lace appliques to add an unexpected flair to this devastatingly gorgeous gown. A bride in this dress will be one performance not soon forgotten.



Most Unforgettable Exit

For all of the planning and anticipation, the wedding celebration must come to an end. An that ending is usually a joyous sendoff of the newly-married couple while all of their friends and loved ones cheer them on. This is sure to be an unforgettable moment on your wedding day, and what are the most picturesque dresses for you to begin the rest of your life with the one you love in? Your votes this year were for Justin Alexander Style 8909. With it’s bold mermaid silhouette, keyhole back and long lace train, there’s no doubt your final look will leave a lasting impression.


Explore all of our stunning gowns and find the one that best defines your award-winning wedding day look.


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