May 15, 2013

Ask Justin Alexander- How Do I Accessorize My Busy Wedding Dress?

Q: My wedding is a year from now and the setting will be at Castle on the Lake in Jacksonville, TX. The only theme I really have is Texas Wildflowers and I want to look fabulous. 


My wedding gown is Style 8616 and I love the fun skirt, the top fits me perfectly and I like how the back of the gown comes to a V.  


My question is: How do I accessorize the gown?  I never really thought of myself as a big veil girl, nor do I think it really goes with the gown. I think a large hair accessory, birdcage veil, or even a flower wreath are more my style. What do you think looks good with my dress? Also, what type of necklace would you pair with this dress, if any?  I think a fun funky necklace for reception and pictures would be nice.


A: Let's tackle one thing at a time:


1. Congratulations for choosing such a gorgeous gown! The ruffled skirt and beading are a fabulous combination. And I'm sure your fiance will love it.


2. I love to see a bride walk down the aisle in a veil. The volume and details on this bridal gown doesn't make it an exception. The longest veil length that should go with this style is finger length. And if you really want to push the envelope you should try a veil with a thin beaded edge. 


Now, just because I like veils it doesn't mean you have to wear one. If you don't feel comfortable wearing a veil then opt for another hair accessory. Don't feel pressured to follow the advice of a family member, friend or magazine. It's your special day and trust me when I say that it will still be special whether you wear a veil or not!


Antalaya is a Justin Alexander bride who wore Style 8616 and added a veil with a thin trim to complement the ruffled skirt. Ayodele also wore Style 8616 and she ditched the veil completely and went with beautiful crystal hair pins instead. You can browse through our Justin Alexander Brides album on Facebook and see how other brides with full skirts have styled their wedding gowns. 


3. Necklaces can be tempting but make sure to not force this accessory into your bridal look. If you are a petite bride then I say stay away from necklaces. Adding a necklace can interfere with the proportions of your small frame and will make you look shorter.


If you are a tall bride you can definitely add some flair with a necklace for your reception. Browse through our gallery to see some of the gorgeous examples I found for you:


And if you have any questions make sure to send them to


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