June 16, 2014

Bridal Hacks

As much as we’d like our wedding day to go off without a glitch there is such a thing as Murphy’s law and the only thing we can do is prepare for any wedding day hiccups that can arise. I compiled six bridal hacks to keep in your arsenal for the big day.



Whether you’re trying to keep the girls in place or accentuate all of your curves stay away from the bodysuit and invest in a great bra and a pair of spanx. Trust me, they will do wonders for you.


Fabric discomfort

If the beading or fabric on your wedding dress is irritating your skin make sure to use anti chafing cream. Just dab a little of the product on your skin and it will create a silky barrier between you and the itchy fabric.



If you’re feeling bloated or a little nervous stay away from the coffee and sip on mint tea instead. It will help indigestion, heartburn, gas, stomach ache and it will also calm your nerves.



Don’t wash your hair the day of your wedding and you’ll prevent your hairstyle going flat half way through the reception. Use your natural hair oils to your advantage as they will create a shinier and healthier wedding day hairstyle. Just wash and condition your hair the night before and give it a quick rinse with water in the morning.



Slipping on the dancefloor during your first dance is completely preventable! Just lightly scuff the soles of your shoes to de-slick them.



I wouldn’t wish this upon my worse enemy but if you get a stain on your wedding dress here are your options:

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