Nov. 27, 2012

Bridal Salon Spotlight: Die Braut


The staff at Die Braut is renowned for their experience and attention to detail when it comes to finding the right look for their brides and grooms.


Manuela Pichner discovered her passion for bridal fashion as she helped her parents in their bridal salon as a bridal assistant while she attended college. Once she completed college she transitioned to another bridal salon, Die Braut, and continued to expand the her knowledge in the bridal industry. She hired new tailors, extended the men's department, and continued to renovate the salon in order to offer the most stylish and modern bridal fashion to their brides and grooms.


Die Braut has grown throughout the years to become one of the most prestigious bridal stores. The accumulated experience over the past two decades and the relationships that Manuela has built with designers has made Die Braut a place where brides go to fulfill all of their wishes.


Die Braut is an all service bridal shop that has professional, knowledgeable, and friendly staff. They have their own alteration shop for individual requests and offer perfect tailoring for all brides and grooms.They also offer three different appointment packages in order to customize all appointments to suit the brides' needs. Manuela says she works with the bride's body and soul before they even begin to discuss the bridal packages.


Best Advice for Brides

1. Select 2-3 bridal shops to visit


2. Bring your mother or sister with you to choose the wedding dress because no one knows you better than them. Remember that It's your day and not your girlfriends' day.


3.Allow yourself to trust your feelings and your instincts. When you feel  butterflies in your stomach you've  definitely found your dress.


Which is your favorite Justin Alexander dress?

8664- I love it because it is stylish, elegant, and charming. It has a touch of the 1950's but with a modern touch. It lends a touch of glamor and a royal look à la Gracia Patricia.


You can visit the Die Braut website to learn more about the bridal packages they offer.


Die Braut is located in Mannheim, Germany


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