June 05, 2013

Dos' and Don'ts For Summer Weddings

We all love a summer wedding! From the warm weather to the endless wedding locations and decor. Just imagine saying “I do” in a stunning vineyard, by a private beach, a barn out in the country, or a lush garden. It doesn't get better than this!


You can get wrapped up in these ideal locations for a summer wedding but make sure to prepare for the not-so glamorous things that come along with summer weddings. If you're planning a summer wedding make sure to read our list of summer wedding do's and don'ts:



Chill Out

If you're having an outdoor wedding help keep your guests cool and provide them with shade and refreshments. Keep your guests happy, comfortable and refreshed with parasols, cocktails, and sunblock. Whether your wedding is out in a field or under a tent, you should consider renting AC units or fans if you're expecting your wedding day to be scorching hot. An easier alternative is to give your guests handheld battery fans.


Powder Room

Help your guests feel gorgeous despite of the humidity or heat. Leave Evian spray bottles, hairspray, mosquito repellant, and blotting papers in the restroom so they can freshen up.


Everyone loves Summer

Have your guests fall in love with that summery feeling and use everything that's in season. Incorporate those expected summer details (fresh fruit and flowers) into the decor and food.



Dress code

You can't expect the men to show up in a 3 piece suit if it's 80+ degrees. Be  

mindful of the weather when setting up a dress code.


Timing Is Everything

The sun is the strongest during 10am-3pm so do your guests a favor and don't have an outdoors ceremony at that time (unless you provide them with shade)!


Temperamental Weather

Just because it's summer don't think that it'll be a gorgeous day out. Hope for the best but set a plan just in case it rains or it gets too windy.

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