Aug. 28, 2013

How To Look Taller In Your Wedding Dress

Forget about having to wear 5 inch heels on your wedding day in order to look taller. Sure, the heels will help, but will you be able to keep them on for the entire celebration? Tall heels will give you a statuesque silhouette but once you take them off the illusion vanishes and you’ll be tripping all over your gorgeous wedding dress. In order to maintain a beautiful tall and slender silhouette throughout your special day (as well as avoid ruining your wedding dress) follow these three painless tips on how to look taller:


Be free

A key feature to elongate your figure and look taller is to free the neckline. Opt for a scoop, v-neckline or anything with a lower neckline that won’t constrain the neck and bust area. Try these styles to achieve this look 8681, 8684, 8686, 8689  


An empire waist or a seam under the bust will make your legs look longer creating the illusion of you being tall. This detail also works well with petite brides. Try these styles to achieve this look 8679, 8595, 8628  

Stand tall

Looking tall can be as easy as just standing straight. Put your shoulders back, suck in your stomach and walk with confidence.  
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