Aug. 14, 2012

Sweet and Sour At-Home Beauty Scrub

When it comes to the beauty department there seems to always be another bigger and better product than the one you just purchased. It can get frustrating when you hear that a newer beauty product has trumped your latest beauty obsession. The good thing is that there are a few things you can count on never changing, even when it comes to beauty products. I want to share an at-home facial that I've been doing for over a decade and it's just as effective as it was 10 years ago!

It's a sweet and sour scrub that you can make from 3 simple ingredients. This lemon and sugar scrub is a great exfoliant for those rough spots you get on your feet and hands.  


You will need:

½ fresh lemon

½ cup of granulated sugar

1 tbsp. of organic honey

Grab a bowl and mix these ingredients until it has a medium thick consistency. You can always add or subtract any of these ingredients depending on how thick you want the scrub to be. 

When using it as a face scrub, make sure to apply it gently in circular motions to clean skin. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes and wash off with cool water.

When using it as a body scrub, use on feet, elbows, knees and hands and pay close attention to cuticles! Again, apply it gently in circular motions and wash off with cool water.  

I'm sure you want your skin to look radiant and feel extra smooth on your wedding day, so make sure to make this at-home scrub before the big day! 


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