Nov. 25, 2020

Thankful For You


We are sharing with you the thank-you notes from our beautiful #JASbrides.  During these uncertain times, our stunning brides have made the most of their wedding days, and our retailers have continued to do everything they can to make our bride's dreams come true!  We couldn't be more grateful for all of you! 


Style Ripley


"I am forever grateful to everyone that made our 2020 wedding possible. So many people came together in the midst of a difficult year to ensure we had an absolutely unforgettable day. We planned our wedding in eight weeks, which made for a lot of work in a short time frame! One of the highlights of the wedding planning experience was when the Justin Alexander Signature team shipped a selection of gowns to my home for me to try on and choose from. Thanks to them, I was able to share the dress shopping experience with my mom, mother-in-law, and sisters (due to COVID, I would not have been able to have them all present with me at a store). I will never forget that generosity and kindness, and will never take for granted the once-in-a-lifetime experience we had! On our wedding day, I felt so beautiful and confident in my JAS gown.

I am especially thankful for my husband Anthony who I get to share the adventure of a lifetime, and all the happy moments that came out of a year we will never forget."

- Marissa



Style Cortina


"This time of year, I always like to reflect and think about what I am most thankful for..but this year in heart is bursting with gratitude!

2020 is a year we will never forget for so many reasons, but mine will always be because through the midst of the unknown and unprecedented, I got to marry my best friend.  

Our wedding would not have even been possible if it wasn’t for everyone involved.  The planning and prepping begin when my Matron of Honor arranged for me to meet with Ashley Miller, who works for Justin Alexander.  Ashley set the tone that my wedding would most certainly be unique and special by going above and beyond in every little detail of picking out my wedding dress and veil, and even helping me decide on earrings!  She imagined something that I couldn’t, and she helped me bring the most magical moments to life.  For this, I am forever grateful!

Then as plans got switched, altered, and made with safety precautions set in place, everyone involved from family, to the bridal crew, to our venue/caterer, DJ, cocktail hour band, photographer/videographer, make-up, and hair, no-one skipped a beat to be there no matter what we decided.  

Everyone just blew my mind at how amazing they were, especially my sister-in-law and brother-in-law.  With no time wasted, they offered their home to celebrate my husband and I’s love, allowing us to transform their backyard into an outdoor gorgeous wedding world!  Words cannot express my gratitude towards them.

Then, if plans or the day couldn’t be any more altered, I forgot to bring the wedding license!  My sister, who behind the scenes helped with so many details, in general, leading up to the day, was able to help me out with one of the biggest favors of leaving the wedding to go get the license for us to sign.  If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t have been technically married, and I am forever grateful for her saving the day!  

Every aspect of the wedding was more than I could ever expect, and I beyond grateful for all who helped us celebrate our love. I’ve always thought about what my wedding would be like, and I absolutely didn’t know it would be like this, but thank goodness it was, as for was perfect."

- Stephanie



Style 99040


"Phil and I got married last year in our perfect, fairy tale wedding (in my dream dress)! We loved every minute of it! 2019 was a whirlwind, but we got a lot of downtime in 2020. I’m super thankful for our health, my husband, our families, and our dog Roxy because they have really been my rock in this crazy year!"




Style 9894


"What a whirlwind of a year it has been thus far. There have been so many moments where I've found myself complaining because of things that did not go as planned (and there have been many), but I had to catch myself because those same plans although not my idea of "perfect" needed to be shaken up, tossed out and reconsidered. You see, I have been longing for the opportunity to work and study and to pursue certain dreams, however, I desired to do so with my husband cheering me on in person in the same country, unfortunately, Covid led to lockdowns of our countries and we have been improvising shared experiences and coming up with new ways of "checking-in" with each other."

- Cara



Style Scarlet


"I’m thankful for the small September ceremony that made me a wife to my amazing husband, John. This year held a lot of uncertainty, but it brought us our new home, marriage, and a keen appreciation of the little things in life we so often take for granted. We remain grateful for the health of our families and friends - and even though in current times we can’t all be together, we’re hopeful for what the next year will bring."

- Lauren



"Every year I am thankful for the love that surrounds me, but this year, in particular, I’m grateful for the support and strength that accompanied that love this year. They say love conquers all, and this year, I got to see the power of love shine through despite the challenges this world faced. I married my best friend on September 26, 2020, and I couldn’t imagine getting to that point without the love and support from our close family and friends. Being a nurse and also a bride planning a wedding during a pandemic was not easy and many tears and heartbreak came from the changes and challenges this year brought. But regardless of the circumstances, with the endless amount of love and support we had, Justin and I were able to become one. I  am thankful for having the opportunity to see that day, to be able to smile and laugh and dance while being surrounded by so much love. I am forever grateful to our parents, sisters, family, and friends for being present, hopeful, and encouraging every step of the way."




"This year was definitely not the year we hoped for. Taking these photos in January 2020 we were so hopeful for the perfect wedding year and the best wedding comes in October. We made the decision to postpone in June and just realized the wedding was going to happen just not this year. To be honest it was hard to see the positive some days. Working and living with my fiancé in a 600 square foot apartment also brought its own challenges. Overall I wouldn’t change it. It really showed us that wedding will come and be an amazing day but our relationship is a lifetime and that’s what mattered. I bought my Justin Alexander Signature dress in February and it was the best experience. I had no idea what I wanted in a wedding dress just knew I something that felt like me. I chose this beautiful beaded corset gown with a crepe satin dress and the details just will make you drool. I truly felt like a bride. Went I went back for a fitting knowing my wedding wasn’t happening soon this gown still fulfilled every dream. Feeling bridal has been a struggle this year but my wedding dress makes me feel like a bridal princess. I cannot wait to walk down the aisle and meet the love of my life at the altar. This year has really shown me the amazing friendships we have, grateful for the stillness, and how to become creative with date nights at home. Cheers to more years of unexpected adventures and stories."

- Chelsea, #JASbride-to-be


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