Nov. 13, 2012

Top 10 Duties For Your Bridesmaids

Simply put, a bridesmaid's role on your wedding day is to go beyond the call of duty to make sure you're taken care of. Sure they'll take pictures in their gorgeous dresses and dance the night away but before all of that they need to tend to you.


Here are our Top 10 Duties For Your Bridesmaids:


1. Make sure the bride looks flawless at all times. Everyone will be snapping pictures of her and you don't want a picture of her to go on Facebook without lip-gloss, right?


2.Carry lip-gloss with you at all times. Just read point #1 again.


3.Support the bride's irrational demands the day of the wedding. Just because she thinks the dress would look better with a bob instead of her gorgeous long hair doesn't mean she should cut her hair the day of the wedding! Support her but talk her out of bad decisions.


4.Cater to the bride like true royalty. If she can't figure out what she wants to drink bring her coffee, water, juice and a shot of vodka (just in case).


5. Call and confirm vendors. Don't forget to call the day's transportation, beauty appointments and florist.


6.Create a schedule and stick to it. Set alarms or timers that way everyone in the room knows if you're running behind. This is especially important for hair and makeup appointments since they tend to run late.


7.Keep a fun and stress-free ambience.  Tell jokes and play music to keep everyone's mood up.


8.Prepare an emergency kit. Don't forget hairspray, bobby pins, hairbands, deodorant, Kleenex, brush, mirror, super glue, aspirin, mints, stain remover pen, bottle water, mini sewing kit, safety pins, tape, Band-Aids, makeup, and snacks.


9.Put out any fires.  Did the MOB insult one of the groom's aunts? Diffuse the situation by separating them and taking the groom's aunt onto the dance floor to dance off that aggression.


10. And most importantly keep it together for the bride! Don't let her see you sweat or cry because she'll come undone.


Now print this and hand it out to your bridesmaids!

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