June 27, 2012

Wedding Do\'s and Don\'ts

Congratulations on your engagement! You've been dreaming up ideas and making mental notes for years and now that the big day is almost here you have no idea where or how to start! Not to worry, you're not alone! It happens to the best of us.

With so many decisions to make in such a short time I've created a wedding do's and don'ts list to help you narrow down your choices. Don't get fixated in the small stuff, remember what this day is all about… joining two individual's love for each other and sharing that moment with their closest family and friends.


1.     Wear waterproof mascara (trust me, you'll need it!)

2.     Plan your wedding day for yourself and your loved one, not for others

3.     Attend bridal shows and research online for creative ideas to incorporate

4.     Choose a song for your first dance that has meaning for the both of you

5.     Stick to your budget, you don't want to argue or stress about finances so early on especially if you can avoid this heated topic

6.     Start working on your tan early to avoid peeling the day of your wedding

7.     Make sure the best man has an appropriate speech

8.     Have a backup plan if you're having an outdoor wedding in case of bad weather

9.     Make sure one of your bridesmaids knows how to bustle your dress

10. Send your dress to get dry cleaned and preserved. It's a great piece to have and you never know if your daughter or another family member may want to use it



1.     Stress out about the small things. Appreciate every moment, it's YOUR wedding day after all! 

2.     Rent the groom's tux, invest in a great looking tux that he'll be able to wear over and over again

3.     Have more than 1-2 hrs break between the ceremony and reception. If you do, make sure you schedule cocktail hour for that break

4.     Dye or get a haircut 3 weeks before your wedding day

5.     Choose a drastically different look from your everyday hair and makeup; you want your groom and guests to recognize you

6.     Assume your bridal party knows what to do. Make sure you allot rehearsal time to go over what their roles are at the ceremony

7.     Let friends and family talk you into things you don't want for your wedding. Remember that it is YOUR big day

8.     Drink too much on your wedding day! You want to be able to remember this amazing day

9.     Leave important decisions like finances and housing until the very last moment. Make sure to plan ahead

10. Forget to eat! Make time in between dancing and taking pictures to have a bite to eat


Leave a comment and let me know what other do's and don'ts I should add to the list!


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