Okt. 31, 2022

Feeling Good In My Wedding Dress

“I look at myself in the mirror a lot. I can point out every scar, every flaw, every insecurity. Every scar, every strength, every story.

My skin dips become the ocean untamed, strong, feminine— and I choose to swim. My stretchmarks become lightning wild, fiery, fearless— and I choose to strike. 

I look at myself in the mirror a lot. I see past my flesh. I see scars of the soul; judgement, silence. Scars of the soul; strength, resilience.

My mind becomes a temple —sacred, mystic, wondrous and I choose to pray. My personality becomes a sword —sharp, balanced, deadly— and I choose to fight.

Today, I saw myself in the mirror, and I was wearing a wedding dress. I have never felt stronger.”

At Justin Alexander, we understand that every bride is different, which is why every collection of wedding dresses is as diverse as the brides who will wear them: timelessly classic, modern and on-trend, free-spirited and adventurous, romantically elegant, trendy and fun. From modern gowns with sleek silhouettes and elegant necklines, to romantic styles with opulent beading and dazzling fabrics. Brides can find the perfect dress both in character and in silhouette— within our five brands. Justin Alexander, Adore, Signature, Lillian West, and Sincerity have your back!

The most important step before choosing your dress is introspection; looking internally to answer two questions. "Who am I as a person? Who am I as a bride?" That knowledge is all the guidance you need to find ‘the one’, the dress for YOU! 

As with anything in fashion: it only looks good if you feel good in it. Your wedding dress is meant to empower you. It is meant to reflect your femininity, personality, and spirit. It truly is all about you and who you are… The moment you know that, everything else will flow easily because you will know the type of bride you are and consequently the type of bride that you are not. 

Who are you as a person? Who are you as a bride?

You can start this journey of self-discovery from either of two paths, as both eventually lead to the same destination: ‘the one’. You can start by figuring out the personality of the dress, its character, and then narrow down the style (silhouette, neckline, fabrics, etc.). You know who you are. You just need to find the style of dress that completes your vision. For example, if you know you’re a timelessly classic bride, then you need to see if your version of timeless class is more 'ballgown' or 'fit and flare' silhouette? 

Or you can start by the style that feels the most you, the one that feels best on your skin and then figure out the kind of personality you want for your dress. The body-hugging 'fit and flare' silhouette, while showing off the hourglass figure, can be anything from romantic, to boho, to sexy, to informal… because if anything, 'fit and flare' is only the silhouette. Character is what makes the dress.

You should never ever have to learn how to be comfortable and confident in your wedding dress, it should come to you as naturally as loving your skin. It should come to you as naturally as feeling good in your skin. The day of your wedding, your dress should not be a mask that you wear to hide who you are and how feel, but rather it should be your lightning bolt. You dress should be one with your skin; partners in life and love. Your wedding dress should be the physical representation of your truest, strongest, most confident, most powerful self. Embrace that self, celebrate her, bring her out for the whole world to see. 

Remember that when you start looking for a wedding dress, and remember that when you find the one. Remember to never hide who you are. Not today, not on your wedding day, not ever. You, your skin, you are gorgeous. You are feminine as the ocean, you are wild as a tiger, and you are magical as they night sky. 

Feel good in your skin… today, on your wedding day, and every day. 

“I feel good in my skin. I look in the mirror, And I just keep on dancing.”

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