Nov. 05, 2012

Get The Look: Rustic Romance


 A rustic wedding is the ideal way to celebrate the eternal love you have for one another.


Picture this: An outdoor wedding in the woods full of family and friends who are there to support you and your handsome groom. A few of your guests helped you decorate and stayed up late on a few Saturday nights to help you with the hand crafted wedding favors. The ambiance is relaxed and full of love. The groom and you are enjoying every second and can't get off the dance floor. How is this possible? You're wearing cowgirl boots instead of pumps!


The color palette is made up of whites, pinks, yellows, and tons of greens. You keep getting compliments on all of the sentimental touches you added to your one of a kind DIY and vintage decorations. Your guests eat comfort food family style and they all rave about the pies grandma baked.


If I just described your dream wedding then you're dreaming of a Rustic Romance wedding.


Make sure to follow our Rustic Romance wedding ideas board on Pinterest for more ideas on how give your wedding day that special rustic touch.



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