The Feeling

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Stil: 66156
  • Lillian West Style 66123 Fit and Flare Crepe Gown with Illusion Train and Aztec Lace Trim

    Fit and Flare Kreppkleid mit Illusion-Schleppe und Aztekenspitze

    STIL: 66123

  • Lillian West Style 66092 Illusion Bodice Fit and Flare Gown

    Fit and Flare-Kleid mit Illusionsmieder

    STIL: 66092

  • Lillian West Style 66072 Lace and Crepe Fit and Flare Gown

    Figurumschmeichelndes Kleid aus Spitze und Crepe

    STIL: 66072

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