Φεβ. 13, 2013

Bridal Salon Spotlight: Mia Sposa

Mia Sposa is a bridal boutique that has helped hundreds of brides find their dream wedding gown


Joy and Mark started Mia Sposa 10 years ago and since the beginning they have worked hard on developing a high standard of customer service they believe all brides deserve. They both wanted to work together to create an environment where their staff could thrive and feel empowered to achieve goals while providing the best customer service in the bridal industry. And they've done just that while helping brides find their dream wedding gowns.


Mia Sposa has been successful at creating an experience from the moment a brides walk into the shop. Brides are greeted by a warm atmosphere that creates a relaxing and enjoyable experience for everyone. With their newly renovated boutique they offer spacious, relaxing and comfortable dressing areas. Mia Sposa also hosts special events regularly for brides where they shower them with food, music, and champagne to create a fun atmosphere.


Mia Sposa is a full service bridal salon that offer garments for everyone involved in the wedding (bridesmaid, mother of the bride, and groom) as well as their own in-house alteration department. What makes Mia Sposa stand out from other bridal salons is that their staff has a genuine desire to help brides find their dream dress.

-Joy and Mark both agree that brides shouldn't feel rushed- “allow yourself plenty of time to find a style that suits you the best and then we can work together on finding The One. 

-Try dresses that we suggest – we know our range and what will look best for your body type.  Also, dresses may not look all that appealing on the hanger but trust us and try it on.

-Think about your venue and the theme for your wedding, there are dresses that are more suitable for certain venues and themes.

-And most importantly enjoy the experience – your day goes by so fast we want you to have an amazing memory of you choosing your beautiful dress.”


Even though it was difficult for Joy and Mark to choose their favorite Justin Alexander dress they were able to decide on style 8638, “we love the timeless shape and amazing waist definition. The detailing is understated but dazzles beautifully from all angles.”


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