Δεκ. 01, 2017

How To Know You've Found "The One"

You finally found "the one" you're going to spend the rest of your life with, and just when you thought the search was over, you realize another hunt is just beginning - finding the other "the one". That perfect dress you will walk down the aisle in before saying those two magical words you've been dreaming of saying your whole life. While the thought of finding "the one" can seem overwhelming, fear not because the experts at Shades of White have you covered with excellent advice.

Shades of White Boutique in St. Ives. Retailer of Sincerity Bridal

Tip #1: The most important thing to remember when you start your wedding journey is that everyone’s path is different. The feeling that you get when you find “the one” will vary for each individual bride. So don't listen to your sister who knew the moment she saw her wedding dress that it was "the one", or your eccentric Aunt Elizabeth who knew her dress was "the one" when she felt a shiver up and down her spine after merely touching her wedding dress.

Tip #2: When you start the hunt for your wedding dress, shop in a way you are comfortable with. Each bride-to-be has a different process, some will know exactly the gown that want, some will need to try a variety of shapes and styles. Our bridal consultants are there to help you in any way they can; so use their knowledge and be open to trying on gowns they suggest – wedding dresses really do look very different once you put them on! Be honest about what you don’t like. The dresses don’t have feelings and won’t be hurt, and it will help us to find your dream dress. 

Tip #3: Bring guests with you whose opinions you trust and who know your personality and style. Try not to get bogged down with an expectation of how you want your guests to react. Just like you, they will each have their own way of showing you which their favourite is. 

So how do you know it’s the one? Well, we could tell you that you should cry and jump around five times with joy, but that is unrealistic. The most important thing is that we get it right. You may need to visit us a couple of times or it may be the first dress you try on. You might uncontrollably cry, you might beam from ear to ear. You might feel totally comfortable about your body and how the dress accentuates the bits you love and hides the bits you don’t. You might know how much your partner will love the style on you. You might dream about it for a week. You might just know!     

"The one” might not be the one you came in for, but it will be the one you feel most amazing in on your special day. 

Take a look at just a handful of Shades of White's happy brides! 

Sincerity Bride Steph

Sincerity Bride Jade

Sincerity Bride BryonyShades of White is located at 4 Bridge St, Saint Ives PE27 5UW, UK. They can be reached by telephone at 1480 464774. 

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