Nov. 16, 2012

Figure Flattering Dresses For Pear Shape Bodies

Shopping for THE dress can be a bit of work but once you find the perfect style for your body type everything else just falls into place.


We want to help pear shaped brides find figure flattering dresses for their wedding day. If your bottom half (hips, thighs, and bottom) is wider than their upper half you have a pear shaped body. So get ready to take notes!


Show Off Your Assets:

Empire waist and A-line silhouettes will enhance your shape because it will hug the smallest part of your body. Create a balance for your shape and draw your guests' eyes to your upper half by choosing dresses with one shoulder, strapless, or scoop necklines. Also, look for dresses that have intricate details above the waist so that the focus remains on your top half.


I've put together wedding dresses that will show off pear shaped brides the best. Stick to these tricks and you'll be able to show off your best assets on your big day!

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