Jul. 27, 2012

Put Your Bridesmaids To Work

Tell me if you can relate to this scenario: You only have a few months before you say “I do” and you still haven't figured out the centerpieces, catering, flowers, DJ, or the lighting situation. And on top of that you have a full time job and still need to spend some alone time with your future husband!  If you can relate, things will be a bit easier after you read this.

Time is limited and it's easy to feel overwhelmed by all the planning but don't forget about your bridesmaids! You chose them because they're your best friends and they've always pitched in and helped you when you needed it, right? So put your bridesmaids to work!


Let your bridesmaids know that you want to include them in the wedding planning process because you could really use the extra help. Researching vendors is very time-consuming but when you split up the work between the bridesmaids this will no longer be a daunting task.

One bridesmaid can research local catering companies that meet your guidelines and budget. Once she brings you vendor options you just have to call, set an appointment to meet with them and then taste the food! This leaves the heavy lifting to the bridesmaids and allows you to focus on other things…like the seating chart!

Do you think your bridesmaids would be willing to help you plan your wedding? 


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