Simple Wedding Dresses

Sometimes, less is more. You don’t always need a sparkling ball gown to have all eyes on you while you walk down the aisle. Embrace your inner minimalist and exchange your vows in a simple wedding gown. With a variety of silhouettes, fabrics, and necklines, simple wedding dresses leave lots of room for styling—whether it’s a statement hair clip, a colorful bag, a crystal collar necklace, or big floral earrings. Just let your mind wander!  

Look your best in Justin Alexander Signature Style Danica. The intricate beading with Venice lace illusion bodice adds an elegant touch to this simple fit and flare wedding gown. Pair this dress with chunky gold floral earing to complete the look!

Chic, classic, and sexy—Style Zurich embodies it all. This high neck crepe fit and flare dress is for a modern bride looking for a simple, yet striking look. With a touch of elegance of the long sleeves, a low open back adds a seductive look from the back finished off with a chapel length train. It also calls for an updo—show off your back in this simple wedding dress. 

Be a trendsetter in this Camellia Cocktail dress! The flirtatious silk Mikado petals that make up the skirt and the bikini top create a perfect simple wedding gown. Wear your hair up or down—this elegant style allows for so much room to experiment with. 

Modern and chic describes this Oslo V-neck crepe jumpsuit with the satin pleated cummerbund that finishes off the waistline. If you were looking for a simple wedding dress and fall in love with this slim-fitting jumpsuit, make sure to pair it with this double crepe moto jacket to complete the look!

Explore our selected Justin Alexander Signature styles to find your perfect simple wedding dress! 


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Traje de gala de dupión de seda con tirantes de cola de ratón y detalle de lazo
Traje entallado y con vuelo de mikado con cuello cuadrado, escote de pico pronunciado en la espalda y cola catedral desmontable
Traje de gala de mikado con escote palabra de honor con abertura y aplicaciones florales de gran tamaño
Vestido de mikado evasé con escote con abertura y lazo
Traje de gala con cuerpo bordado a mano y lazo desmontable
Vestido sin tirantes de crepé con chaqueta con ribete de pedrería y volantes
Traje pantalón de crepé con flores 3D cortadas con láser
Vestido evasé de gasa con apliques de flores 3D y cola desmontable
Moderno vestido de crepé entallado con vuelo, escote de pico y chaqueta de motorista
Vestido de gala de seda cruda con escote corazón y chaqueta ablusonada de organza
Vestido de seda cruda con hombros descubiertos pronunciados
Vestido de mikado entallado con vuelo, cuerpo de pedrería y lazo
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Vestido de mikado de seda con escote vuelto
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