Beach Wedding Dresses to Inspire Your Bridal Style


Beach ready plunging necklines, unique lace patterns, and skirts light as air are the foundations of beach wedding dress styling.


For brides-to-be planning an oceanfront ceremony, you’re probably aware that the wedding dress you choose should coordinate with the location, weather, and your comfort in some way or another. Choosing beach-ready wedding attire can be tough, especially when facing the elements like sand, sun, and unexpected breezes. However, saying ‘I do’ with your toes in the sand hardly means your wedding dress should feel anything less than extraordinary. Beach wedding dresses run the gamut from incredibly casual to supremely decorative so it’s all about finding one that fits your needs!

There are, however, a few simple guidelines to keep in mind when choosing a beach-ready gown like donning a flowy, move-with-you skirt that won't blow up or get in the way of your seaside nuptials or finding a simple beach wedding dress that keeps you cool and protects you from the sun thanks to shoulder-shading cap sleeves. One thing to note high heels and sand don't mix so opt for wedges or flats instead.

These tips are just a start when it comes to choosing a beach wedding dress that works for your beachy bridal vision! To help you find the perfect informal beach wedding dresses, we've rounded up our favorite simple beach wedding dresses currently available! 

Don’t worry we’ve included beach ready dramatic to figure-hugging informal beach wedding dresses too! Though the silhouette you choose on your shoreline big day is entirely up to you, and you'll want to make sure that you don't overheat in your casual beach wedding dress. The following simple beach wedding dresses prove how our statement-making gowns can absolutely work to your advantage on your big day!

Scroll below to explore our favorite informal beach wedding dresses!

Traje de cuello de pico con falda de redecilla inglesa y cinturón de diagonal
Vestido evasé pronunciado de encaje con falda de gasa con plisado de acordeón
Vestido evasé de tablas con redecilla inglesa, mangas caídas con superposiciones y dobladillo
Vestido de falda gypsy de gasa con cuerpo ilusión y tirantes ajustables
Vestido palabra de honor de escote corazón con aplicaciones de hojas y cinturón
Vestido evasé de dos piezas de encaje
Vestido evasé con falda recogida de tul y abertura en la espalda
Vestido entallado y de vuelo con mangas mariposa drapeadas
Vestido evasé de encaje y redecilla inglesa
Vestido evasé con cuello de pico y cuerpo de encaje ilusión
Vestido entallado con vuelo de chevrón y escote pronunciado
Vestido de cuello redondo y corte entallado con vuelo todo de encaje
Cuerpo de tirantes de cola de ratón en pedrería con falda de crepé
Vestido entallado con vuelo todo de encaje
Vestido de encaje bordado entallado con vuelo y abertura frontal
Cuerpo de pedrería con escote de pico pronunciado y falda evasé
Vestido con cuerpo de encaje y escote de pico con mangas casquillo
Traje estrecho de gasa con espalda nadadora y abertura pronunciada

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