Royal Wedding Dresses

The royal weddings are a friendly reminder that there are such things as a real life princesses. We've been lucky enough to witness three royal weddings over the past 10 years. Even though they all felt like just yesterday! Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie all had distinctively different styles with one thing in common: long sleeves! It's great to look back on their wedding day looks to see how the tradition and styles have evolved, even for a royal wedding dresses!

Kate Middleton married Prince William in a lavish long sleeve ball gown. The stunning design featured an ivory satin bodice, covered with chantilly lace and long illusion sleeves. She combined royalty with her on-trend sense of style and created one of the most iconic looks for brides to get inspiration from! Our Justin Alexander Signature Style Cambridge (see below) has intricate laser cut lace chantilly lace appliques along the bodice and sleeves. The keyhole back of this Justin Alexander Signature style adds a touch of modernity to the dramatic ball gown!

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More recently, Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie swept the bridal industry, leaving behind very impressionable marks that are still relevant to date! Meghan Markel not only has a trend named after her ("The Meghan Markle Effect"), she has also inspired many brides to opt into a "second look." Her ceremony gown was all about clean lines, long sleeves and a modern, minimal feel similar to our Justin Alexander style 8936 (see below). It not only resembles the ceremony look with the long sleeves and Sabrina neckline, it also captures the same clean and sophisticated feel.

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For her "second look," Meghan Markle stayed true to her modern roots and trend-setting person! She went sleek and sexy with a high halter neckline and overall cocktail feel. Set trends in this Justin Alexander Signature Style 9905. Fulfill all your cermeony and cocktail needs with this modern and clean halter fit and flare wedding dress. Keep scrolling to see more of our sleek and clean (long sleeve and halter), Meghan Markle looks!

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Last but not least, Princess Eugenie, who lived up to her royal title in a gorgeous longsleeve ball gown. She made all our princess dreams come true in an off-the-shoulder, full train, and low V-back wedding dress! A true princess! Given her more “care-free” nature, Princess Eugenie found ways to combine classic elegance with clean and modern. Sincerity Bridal Style 44021 has a very Princess Eugenie feel, the on-trend satin ball gown has a full box pleat skirt, offt-the-shoulder neckline, and low back. Best of all...the hidden pockets!


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Feeling inpsired by our real life princesses? Check out our wide selection of royal wedding dresses below and find the style that fits your personality. 


Get the Kate Middleton Look: Lace & Full Skirts! 

Vestido con cuerpo de escote ilusión pronunciado y falda de volantes super puestos
Vestido en encaje bordado de pedrería
Vestido evasé de tul con apliques de pedrería y lentejuelas
Vestido con escote de pico y apliques de encaje con pedrería
Vestido evasé con chaqueta y apliques de encaje y pedrería
Vestido con hombros descubiertos y encaje bordado
Vestido de redecilla inglesa con cuerpo de encaje

The Meghan Markel Effect: Sleek and Clean Wedding Dress

Vestido evasé de hombros descubiertos
Vestido entallado con vuelo y abertura en la espalda
Vestido de crepé entallado con vuelo y espalda retorcida
Vestido de crepé entallado con vuelo, mangas largas y espalda fantasía con pedrería y abertura
Vestido trompeta plisado de mikado elástico
Vestido de novia de manga larga en crepé con espalda ilusión de pedrería

A true royal: Princess Eugenie's extravagent off-the-shoulder ball gown looks!

Vestido de crepé con falda de flores bordadas
Vestido evasé de mikado liso con escote vuelto
Vestido liso con cuello de barco y hombros descubiertos
Vestido de mikado con hombros descubiertos y apliques de encaje veneciano
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