Ago. 15, 2013

How To Look 5 lbs Lighter In A Justin Alexander Wedding Dress

Before you step into a gym or decide to purchase a juicer in order to lose those pesky 5 pounds you just haven't been able to get rid of, we have an easier solution. And it doesn't involve surgery.


We present to you our miracle wedding dresses, style 8681 and 8688.


These are our go to wedding dresses that instantly make all brides look thinner for their wedding day.


Apart from these gowns' one of a kind construction, the secret lies in the basket weave cummerbund. Instead of camouflaging the waistline we decide to emphasise it with a detail that will cinch you in at the narrowest part of your body. The basket weave cummerbund then creates the optical illusion that will make you look slimmer and taller.


Don't forget to read these four tips on how to look thinner in your wedding dress.


Just belt it. Choose a gown with an accent belt or add your own to your natural waist to help create a thinner illusion.

Take a look at these styles 8680, 8690, 8638, 8640, 8654, 8659, 8663, 8667


Don't be afraid of pleating or draping. They will actually become your new best friends if you want to look a few pounds lighter. Take a look at styles 8682, 8683, 8685, 8687, 8651


Cinch the waist. Similar to adding a belt, the cummerbund acts as a detail that cinches in at the natural waist and emphasises the narrowest part of your body. Take a look at styles 8695, 8664, 8626, 8694, 8596, 8609


Make sure it fits like a glove. You can't argue with great fit. Don't skip out on alterations because this is what is going to make your gown look like it was designed just for you.

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