Sexy Beach Wedding Dresses

Planning a destination wedding on a seaside? 

Lillian West is here to help!


 Introducing our sexy beach wedding dresses brides-to-be can only dream about. From low backs and sexy cutouts to boho laces and lightweight skirts, you will be amazed by the wide range of different silhouettes and fabrics we offer.

Be effortlessly you on your wedding day in a sexy beach wedding dress without sacrificing your comfort. Inspired by the wilderness of nature, each style has a unique touch and tells a special story that opens a secret door to the magic of love. Impossible to miss details will impress your guests and make your dream wedding unforgettable and inspiring.

There are no rules anymore, so don’t be afraid of choosing a sexy beach wedding dress to show your beauty and passionate personality. Instead of heavy ball gowns and extravagant trains say ‘’Yes’’ to a playful and light, whimsical and sexy wedding dress. Who knows, you might even run barefoot on a beach. What could feel better than that?   

Discover more sexy beach dresses by exploring our wide selection of wedding gowns below.



Abito da sposa con scollo a V con gonna a trapezio in rete inglese e cintura in sbieco
Abito da sposa con ampia scollatura sul retro in pizzo Chantilly e applicazioni in pizzo ricamato con perline
Abito da sposa in pizzo con bordi ondulati e strascico sagomato
Abito da sposa con scollo a barchetta, scollatura sul retro e trasparenze laterali
Abito da sposa a trapezio con corsetto in pizzo trasparente
Abito a trapezio in chiffon con profondo scollo a V trasparente
Abito morbodo completamente lavorato in pizzo cordonato
Abito a trapezio in pizzo con paillettes con strascico ampio
Abito da sposa svasato con ricami in pizzo inseriti a mano con ritagli laterali trasparenti

Love it? How about trying it on? Click below to find an authorized retailer near you and try your favorite wedding gown.

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