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Saying "Yes" to The One was an easy choice that you likely didn't give a second thought. Shopping for a wedding dress can be a slightly more difficult decision. It is okay, and completely normal, if your head is spinning trying to comprehend the different types of silhouettes, necklines, and fabrics. As wedding dress designers, we want you to feel confident when picking your dress. We compiled the ultimate shopping tip list to make saying "Yes to the dress" as easy as it was saying "Yes" to your forever partner. 

Establish Your Budget

One of the first decisions brides-to-be need to make is how much they can, or are willing to, spend on their wedding dress. Be honest about what your comfort zone is for your bridal gown budget. You may want to review with anyone else that might be contributing to this purchase as well. Establishing a proper wedding dress budget will set realistic expectations for everyone up front! 

Research. Research. Research.

After establishing your wedding dress budget, the next item on your wedding planning agenda should be to do research. Research the different types of wedding dress silhouettes, the various necklines, and the numerous fabric options. Take a look at your closet, pick out your favorite dress - the one you feel the most beautiful and confident in -  and figure out what you love about it. Is it the silhouette? The fabric? The neckline? Perhaps you want to revisit that neckline in your bridal look. Or would you prefer to surprise everyone and go in a completely different direction? Such as the latest trends. This season floral lace, artful beadwork, and "barely there" styles are all the rage.  

Grab Your Crew 

You've nailed down your budget, have some ideas on the types of wedding dresses you're into and have picked your wedding date. Now for the fun stuff - scheduling your appointment and grabbing your closest gals to join you! If you opt to bring friends and family to your appointment, we recommend a group of no more than 4. This keeps the appointment focused on you, the bride! You'll want to bring along anyone that can provide an honest opinion and that knows you best! In the end, what matters most, is how you feel in the gown!

What To Bring (And Not Bring) To Your Appointment

You'll want to bring a few essential items to your appointment. Planning on trying on wedding dresses with a sweetheart neckline? Be sure to pack your trusted strapless bra. Are you into form-fitting styles and a little insecure about your middle? Grab your Spanx. And don't forget your favorite heels. You know the ones that you can dance the entire night away in and not get a blister? Yes, bring those. What you don't want to bring is a face full of make-up. It is best to Be You and wear minimal makeup so it doesn't get all over the wedding dress. 

Trust The Experts

Our expert retailers love styling brides and being creative. Trust their judgment, and maybe even ask for them to throw in a "wildcard" gown. Many brides end up selecting a gown they didn't initially envision themselves wearing! Be open to their suggestions. You never know... the wildcard gown could just be the one. Shopping in-store allows you to receive a personalized experience with an educated sales staff who can cater to your every need and desire. 

Forget All Expectations

Thanks to certain reality shows and romantic comedies, it is safe to say brides-to-be have been conditioned to believe that the moment you know your wedding dress is The One is when you put it on and the tears start flowing. Do not buy into this myth. Everyone is different! Some brides experience tears, others experience laughter, continuous twirling, playing with the skirt, asking for final touch accessories, etc. The only way to know for sure is from the smile of your face and the way you feel in it!

Go With Your Gut

We encourage all brides on the quest for the dress to go with their gut when choosing The One. Nobody knows better than you as to what makes you feel gorgeous and confident, and that should be the exact feeling you have on your wedding day - and at your bridal appointment.

In a fast-paced world where everything is on-demand, we encourage you to take a deep breath, relish in your newly-engaged status, surround yourself with family and friends, and visit one of our authorized retailers to find the dress of your dreams. You'll make memories that will last a lifetime.

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