Introducing The Justin Alexander Signature 2019 Campaign

The new Justin Alexander Signature 2019 Campaign has launched! Scroll down to download all of the assets.



Longing for Lanzarote... 

An eruption of elegance
Today, we launch our Justin Alexander Signature 2019 campaign. This campaign is an elegant eruption of stimulating sophistication, set on the Spanish island of Lanzarote. This easternmost land of the Canary Islands has a volcanic origin, providing spectacular black sand and edgy rock formations as the backdrop of our dramatic campaign. The powerful waves crash amidst the extravagant landscape, while the eye is drawn to the captivating beauty of these gowns. The moody scene of earthy tones presents the perfect juxtaposition for highly beaded dresses, with embellishments illuminating the vividly dark setting. Lanzarote encapsulates the sensational spirit of the Justin Alexander Signature bride.
Who is the Justin Alexander Signature bride?
The #JASbride is a confident, self-assured, and elegant woman who prides herself on her independence and being a trend-setter among her peers. She is curious, active, and interesting. Her lifestyle is modern and stimulating, and she desires to uniquely incorporate her life experiences into her wedding style.
The stunning styles
The Justin Alexander Signature 2019 campaign is comprised of best-selling styles, as well as Fall/Winter 2018 and Spring/Summer 2019 styles. Please note that in concurrence with this campaign launch, we are releasing campaign images of select Justin Alexander Signature SS19 styles that were recently introduced during our NYBFW runway show. These select SS19 styles will now be activated on our website. 
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