jun 26, 2013

How To Avoid Becoming A Bridezilla


No one likes a bridezilla. No one.


Bridezillas are brides that were once happily planning their dream wedding but somewhere along the way they were engulfed by stress, anger, lack of sleep, and way too much pressure. If you've already started planning your wedding you'll realize how easy it is to cross the line between happy bride and tormented bridezilla.


But I came up with 5 ways on how to avoid becoming a bridezilla:


1. Money Can't buy you love

The wedding is for you and your fiance. Nitpicking about how elaborate your centerpieces should be or what to include in your decadent dessert bar isn't how you impress your friends or snooty aunt. You do that by telling them how amazing your fiance is. Share stories of how you met or your first date during the toast. Make them jealous about the life you're about to embark with your soulmate not about how much you spent on the wedding decor.


2. Keep dating

Just because you're planning a wedding it doesn't mean you have to stop going on dates with your fiance. Plan a date with your fiance once a week and set one simple rule- no discussions about the wedding. Keep the romance alive and remember that the only reason you're getting married is because you want to spend the rest of your life with your fiance.


3. Celebrate accomplishments

It's completely normal if you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and completely tired. You're doing it all on your own and some people have made careers out of dealing with wedding details (see wedding planners). Celebrate every task you accomplish. Set a date with the vendor- that earns you a frozen treat! Locked a DJ- now that calls for afternoon cocktails!


4. Think before you text/email/tweet/call/update status

Before firing off an all caps message to your bridesmaids, vendor, or troublesome family member just take a moment. I know, I know. Easier said than done. But it really does the trick. If you're in a level 10 bridal outrage about the wedding details- step away from all electronic devices and go for a walk, pet your dog, or play your favorite song. You'll need time to clear your head, accept the issue, and find a solution before placing blame.


5. Stay Focused

Keep a special picture of you and your fiance in your wallet, phone, or pocket to remind yourself of why you're doing this. Whenever you feel like things aren't going your way just take it out and remember that you're head over heels for him and want to spend the rest of your lives together. The stress about the decorations, invitations, or bridesmaids wedding dresses will lose importance when you just think about how much you love your fiance.


Leave a comment and tell us how you're dealing with wedding planning stress!

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