Non Traditional Wedding Dresses For the Fashion Forward Bride

There are two ways every bride wants to look on her wedding day: beautiful and unique. It is common knowledge that every bride looks gorgeous on her wedding day and there are about a million ways in which a bride can look unique ranging from an interesting hairstyle to bold make up. But the best way to look unique on your wedding day is by wearing a non traditional wedding dress. Not sure what that means? No problem because we have you covered. 

Second looks are a perfect way to stand out on your wedding day for your dinner or reception. A second look is a non traditional wedding "dress" that completes your wedding day look. Popular styles amongst brides tend to be jumpsuits, rompers, and shorter styles. 

Lijfje van crêpe chiffon met bloemenpatchwork en aangehechte overrok
Jumpsuit van crêpe met V-hals en satijnen ceintuur
Driekwartjurk van mikadozijde met struisvogelveren aan de zoom
Jumpsuit die volledig is bestikt met kralen

Fashion forward accessories have been all over the bridal runway and are not going anywhere any time soon. This seasons hottest accessory- capes. Capes are a chic was to turn that traditional wedding gown into a one of a kind non traditional wedding dress. 

Satijnzijden trompetjurk met cape met grote bloemenpatchwork

Non traditional wedding dresses also include Art Deco styling. These wedding dresses are characterized by lavish beading, geometric shapes, and unique silhouettes. 

Fit & flare-jurk met geometrisch kralenwerk en open rugpartij
Jurk met split en doorschijnend lijfje met boothals en kralen
Fit & Flare Jurk met Diepe V-hals en Geheel Bezet met Kraaltjes
Fit & Flare Trouwjurk Bezet met Kraaltjes en met een Illusie Halslijn

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