Cze. 14, 2013

Best Summer Wedding Locations




It's no wonder why summer is the most popular season to get married- you get to have your wedding ceremony and reception at the best outdoor locations! Here's our roundup of the best summer wedding locations:


Romantic and Carefree

When I think of beach weddings Mexico, Hawaii and Australia immediately run through my mind. The warm sand and crystal clear waters. The carefree ambiance that takes over you. And the sounds of waves crashing on the shore. What better place to say “I do”? But if you can't get to Mexico, Hawaii or Australia the nearest beach will also work! 


Swanky and Stylish

Having a rooftop location will automatically transform your wedding into a swanky and stylish celebration. When it comes to rooftop weddings my heart melts just thinking about being surrounded by skyscrapers and clear blue skies during the day and bright stars during the night. And don't forget that at night the lights from the nearby buildings will illuminate  and provide a warm glow on your rooftop.


Chic and Charming 

A garden wedding will easily become an elegant affair. Imagine your guests dressed in tea length wedding dresses and fitted suits while sipping on champagne on your wedding day. The best thing about garden weddings is that the lush greenery and natural flowers provide just the right amount decoration for you to create a chic and charming wedding. Which leaves you to focus on simple centerpieces and lighting. 


Fun and Quirky

Country weddings aren't completely out of trend but wedstocks are totally in! Make your wedding reception a true weekend celebration by having a wedstock. Just like a summer music festival a wedstock is an amazing weekend where you are surrounded by family, friends, music, and food. Make it as fun and quirky as you like.


Leave a comment and let us know which summer wedding location is your favorite!

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