Lut. 19, 2013

Go For The Gold In Wedding Decorations

We put together the best gold wedding decorations for you to get inspired for your special day!


While every athlete's dream is to get that shiny gold medal, it's every bride's dream to have that picture perfect wedding!


And just like all athletes we are going for the gold- in wedding decorations! Planning a wedding can sometimes feel like you need to be an Olympic athlete just to go about your daily routine. You need to have the strength of a body builder to carry all of the weight and responsibility that goes into planning your perfect wedding. And you need to have the speed and agility of a track and field superstar to make sure you're on time to all of your vendor appointments.


Planning a wedding is not an Olympic event, but take a look at the gallery below to see how how you can go for the gold with your wedding decorations. And for more inspiration take a look at our gold wedding decorations board on Pinterest.

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