July 03, 2012

Dream Honeymoon

When you think of your dream honeymoon do you imagine yourself lying out on powdery white sand, hiking through a luscious forest or staying in your hotel room and ordering room service? My dream honeymoon needs to include taking a nap in a hammock by the beach and only waking up to have a sip out of my pineapple cocktail!

Why are honeymoons so important? It's your time to finally relax from months and months of planning your wedding. It's a break from having to check whether or not the vendor emailed you the finalized contract. It's a time you get to explore and admire new landscapes. And most importantly, it's a time where you and the love of your life get to create new memories.

I've included some pictures for you to drool over and help you decide where to go on your first trip as a married couple. 

Via: statsandsass.tumblr.com

Via: visitheworld.tumblr.com

Via: visitheworld.tumblr.com

Via: katy2.hubpages.com

Via: katy2.hubpages.com


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