March 27, 2017

Let The Music Be Your Muse

Music is among the most pervasive art form. Its presence in the most defining moments of our lives, and also in our ears when we walk down the street, on our commutes, filling the kitchen, buzzing in our ears long after we get home on a Saturday night, painting the scenes of our lives in a defining light. Just as our taste in music defines us, it also has a reflection on our sense of style. Do you feel most alive at a festival, in layers of crochet, donning a flower crown and dancing in bare feet? Are you attracted to the dark and timeless romance of an iconic New York jazz club? Will you most likely be found two-stepping to some soul-clapping blue grass with down-home locals? Or do you drive by with the windows down belting out bubblegum pop tunes and feeling alive and free and forever young?


The prevalence of music is never more palpable then on your wedding day. From the walk down the aisle (be it traditional or rather unorthodox) to the wedding party’s entrance, the first dance to you and your partner’s grand exit; music will be a defining part of your day as it is in your entire life. With Grammy buzz filling the air, we look to some of music’s current leading ladies and Grammy nominees and the inspiration behind the music they create, the artists they embody, and the impact they have on our lives. Because the song that’s playing in your heart translates to the spirit in your chest, the smile on your face and inevitably, the movement of the body wearing the dress.


That impenetrable voice embodies her strength as a woman. An artist who almost single-handedly brought back an era of music and sound into modern pop music. She has shown us that beauty and soul never go out of style. That both heartbreak and love shouldn’t be hidden or denied but shouted from the rooftops as all emotion should be celebrated. The bride who has Adele belting out Sweetest Devotion as her first dance is romantic and sophisticated. She’s glamorous yet timeless, in layers of tulle and lace with a bold pout and confident look in her eyes as she gazes confidently at her lover without missing a beat on the dance floor. And her dress? She’s wearing 88458899, or 8779.



Queen Bey. She embodies female strength and sexiness in equal parts. She is fierce and fearless, never soft spoken and always the center of attention. She is a tastemaker, she’s a game-changer, she’s a force to be reckoned with. And her fans do not listen passively but take a front seat in believing in her music, her words, and consequently in themselves. Brides who consider themselves members of the Beyhive want to be the Queen on their wedding day and embody fierce glamour and unwavering confidence. They look best in styles 98628862 and 9818.


Ariana Grande

Her songs are addictive, her energy is contagious, and her strikingly femininine and relentlessly sweet appeal is hard to deny. Ariana Grande, despite her bubblegum pop music, is also a force to be reckoned with. At only 5 ft tall, she embodies the title of her album “dangerous woman” by competing fearlessly alongside Beyonce, Rhianna, Adele, and Demi Lovato without a hint of intimidation. The woman who listens to her music embodies this sweet and confident woman flawlessly and has imagined her wedding dress beautiful and princess-like, but comfortable enough to move and groove all night on the dance floor. She’ll look stunning in 89009858, and 8880.



Carrie Underwood

The girl-next-door persona is never a bad thing when it embodies as much confidence and genuine beauty as Carrie Underwood. Mastering the art of the crossover album again, she toes the line between down-home homecoming queen and Nashville bombshell. She’s as intelligent as she is charming and has a straight-forward approach to fashion – it should look beautiful, feel timeless, and flatter her figure, always. The woman who loves her music imagines getting married in a beautiful rustic barn setting with romantic lighting and a live band, surrounded by friends and family and dancing long after the sun’s gone down. The best dresses for her are 88788876, and 9847.



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