July 23, 2018

Lillian West x She Saw Style

Richmond, VA based fashionista and blogger extraordinaire, Stephanie Whitman of She Saw Style is as down-to-earth and inspiring as you could ever imagine. We recently caught up with this vibrantly cool #lillianbride to talk about her personal style, what she never leaves home without and a sneak peak of what she’s planning for her nuptials in November.  

   She Saw Style Stephanie Whitman

At what point did you decide you wanted to be a blogger?

I think blogging kind of chose me. I’ve had a love for fashion since I was a little girl, and even planned to major in fashion merchandising in college. I didn’t get a chance to go to college, but I did work plenty in retail. I started an Instagram to show off my OOTD’s, but when I had to quit working “normal” jobs because of my stomach disease and constant flare-ups that kept me in bed, I decided to launch a blog to share all my fashion-related pictures and thoughts. It became a way to work from home that involved everything I’ve ever loved!

 How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t think I could ever put my style into a category - and that’s what I love about it.  You’ll never walk into my closet and just see one color palette or one particular fashion. Instead, I like to switch it up.  During the summer I often enter a more vibrant and colorful theme with pops of fun patterns. In the winter it’s primarily street style with bits of glam.  I can’t say I’ll ever stick to one thing though, and I think it’s more fun that way!

 How did you meet your fiancé?

At a wedding! It was like a romantic comedy. I was a bit tipsy, complimented his phone case (yeah, best pick-up line ever) and proceeded to friend him on Facebook before even leaving the reception and parting ways!

She Saw Style Stephanie Whitman

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What do you love about the dress you chose?

EVERYTHING. I couldn’t have found a more perfect dress if I’d designed it myself. The tiered train and illusion neckline are my favorite parts!

What’s in your bouquet?

I created my own bouquet out of artificial flowers. There’s some burgundy peonies, boxwood, eucalyptus, and something that resembles baby’s breath.

Are you having a bachelorette party? If so, where?

I am! But I’m not leaving home! My hope is to have a “Gilmore Girls” theme since it’s my favorite show of all time and will be perfect to enjoy during the later autumn months!

She Saw Style Stephanie Whitman

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 Big wedding or small wedding?

Small, for sure! I like knowing that the people who really matter most will be there to celebrate with us!

 Something unique about my wedding would be...

My nephews will be the “wing-bearers” and yes, I spelled that right. They’ll be bringing a plate of chicken wings down the aisle since everyone knows how much my fiancé and I love to eat chicken wings together (but don’t worry, I won’t be eating any in my dress, it’s just for fun)!

She Saw Style Stephanie Whitman

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I can’t leave home without:

My iPhone, lip balm, and portable charger!

 Most recent read:

“Memory of Fire” a sequel to “The Waking Land”

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day?

Marrying my best friend!


Stay tuned as we continue to follow this #lillianbride on her way to "I do" !


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