Sept. 07, 2017

#MySincerityMoment: Emily & William


Get to know Emily and William - the traditional couple who fell in love on their first date. Read about their Sincerity moment and get a little closer.


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How did you meet? 

In Kindergarten so I've known him most of my life. But we were just acquaintances really. Then the year after high school we were at a party and he finally worked up the courage to tell me he's had a crush on me since we were little. It was so cute - and we hit things off from there.

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When did you know you were in love?

Talking about him to my friends not long after our first date and realized I actually couldn't stop thinking about him. 

What's the most romantic thing he has ever done?

I'm kind of old-fashioned so I thought it was so sweet when he asked for my parents' blessing to marry me. He was really nervous but it showed my parents what a true gentleman he is and it brought them closer together. 

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What was your favorite wedding moment?

Walking down the aisle and seeing the expression on his face. He was trying to hold back tears of happiness - I couldn't keep mine in. 

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