March 24, 2017

The Pinterest Dilemma

Congrats! You just got engaged! Now, it’s time to start planning. What’s the very first thing that comes to your mind? Pinterest, obviously. If you are like any other newly-engaged bride, you’ve probably been pinning to your wedding board ever since you discovered Pinterest, probably long before you were even close to being engaged. This social platform provides an abundance of great ideas related to all things wedding but chances are your wedding boards are a jumbled mess of flower bouquets, wedding venues and color schemes that don’t amount to a direct theme. While it’s okay to admire totally opposite things, the truth is they won’t all come together at your wedding to really embody your personal style. Here are a few Pin-tips that will help you dive deep into figuring out what your wedding style really is and help you find your dream dress.

Justin Alexander Styles 8766 and 8800

Tip 1: Take a step back from Pinterest and do a little soul searching.

You want your special day to represent who you and your future husband are as a couple, so start thinking about what you two will like instead of what the latest trend is. What do you two like to do together? If you are an outdoorsy couple, opt for a comfortable, breathable jersey-lined gown perfect for an outdoor wedding like Styles 8905, 9861, and 8820. If your idea of a perfect day is spent inside an art gallery and dining in a swanky new restaurant in the city, try a timeless and polished gown like Styles 8825, 8903, and 8821.



Justin Alexander Pinterest

Tip 2: Clean out your wedding board.

After taking time to reflect on what your personal style and tastes are, go through your wedding board at least once a week to remove any pins that don’t make sense. Ask yourself things like, “Can I really see myself wearing a two-piece gown?” or “Do I really want to get married in a barn?” When you start to eliminate the unrealistic and unnecessary stuff, you will get a better sense of what your true style is.



Wedding Dress Shopping Tips 

Tip 3: Look beyond Pinterest.

Instead of trying to find someone’s exact dress you saw pinned, research a designer’s website yourself! Read blog posts to educate yourself on things like what the best dress shape and neckline for your body type are. After you do your own digging, head to a boutique to start trying some dresses on! Even if you don’t leave with a dress, it’ll be a good start to help determine what you really like and what’s flattering on your own body. THEN you can start pinning with more of a purpose!


 Justin Alexander Wedding Accessories

Tip 4: Accessorise with caution.

We know those flower crowns are adorably cute and tempting, but if your personal style channels more of an uptown chic trend-setter rather than a free-spirited flower child, chances are they aren’t for you. Instead, try accessorizing with an embellished belt to add timeless glamour to your dress or wear a floor-length veil to give your look romantic drama. Look through our gallery of accessories and start imagining all of the options for your wedding day look.




Tip 5: Think about where you want to get married.

If your venue consists of a lot of nature and unpaved paths, you probably won’t be comfortable wearing a voluminous layered ball gown. Focusing on the location of your special day can help guide you into what style of dress you should look for. Style 8906 is perfect for a ceremony on the beach and will still look great if you choose to walk barefoot down the sandy aisle. If your reception takes place in an ornamented ballroom, dance the night away in a full-skirted beauty like Style 8908



#JAbride Tip 6: Get inspiration from the past.

Have you always dreamt of your grandmother's Italian elopement? Get lost in the vintage-inspired Styles of 8882, 8814 and 8815. Do you see yourself somehow in the ethereal 1970s backyard setting of your mom's nuptials? Try an effortless boho-inspired gown like Style 9856. Scan through vintage bridal magazines and find pictures of icons like Grace Kelly or Elizabeth Taylor’s wedding look. Modern ideas are great, but incorporating details from the past can give your day a unique and refreshing look.


The Pinterest Dilemma Tip 7: Less is More Tip 7: Less is more.

Choosing your decor can be fun but don’t get too caught up in the endless amount of possibilities. Pin a few really great key decorations that will highlight your wedding, not overdo it. Simple elegance is more appealing than having a million things going on that could potentially distract your guests from you! Start by figuring out the aesthetic of your flowers. You want to make sure to coordinate them with your dress and venue. Once you decide on this, it’ll help determine how many more decorations you need based on how garnished your flower arrangements are.


Needless to say, Pinterest is a mecca for creativity, especially when it comes to wedding ideas. When you actually sit down to plan your big day, you need to have a clear idea of what you want and what your style is. Follow Justin Alexander on Pinterest for style inspiration and an insider's look at the world of bridal. Use our tips to help curate your boards and find your ideal wedding look. At the end of the day, you want your wedding to be your own, not somebody else’s, so use Pinterest to your advantage but don’t let it consume you.<

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