March 27, 2017

You Were Made To Play This Role

Award season is upon us and it seems like everywhere we turn we are bombarded with hollywood glamour and gossip. What trend will command the red carpet? Who’s acceptance speech will bring us to tears? What films will sweep the awards and which will be left shockingly in the dust? The excitement and anticipation of Hollywood’s main event isn’t so different than your own, of course. Once you get that ring on your finger, you are playing the all-encompassing role of bride. The leading lady, the modern muse, the [something with an H- any thoughts?] heroine. And while this new role will be challenging at times, to stay grounded, focus on who you were before you were a bride; that girl who captured the attention of the love of your life, the daughter of the man who will proudly walk you down the aisle, the sister of the crying girl beside you doing her best to choke out a heartfelt speech, the strong voice of the woman who will unwaveringly answer “I do.”


To help you in your search for that perfect dress, we hope that you look at the part that you’ve always played and the woman so deserving to walk the red carpet and down the aisle. We’ve highlighted four of our favorite female leading lady character types here to help you envision your debut – the femme fatale, the girl next door, the hollywood ingenue, and the hopeless romantic.


The Femme Fatale

You’re used to turning heads, to stopping traffic, to being the center of attention. Shameless and bold, you don’t follow trends but trends tend to follow you. You’re fearless when it comes to fashion and when it comes to love. You surprised yourself when you fell for someone, and ensnared your lover recklessly and without abandon and haven’t ever looked back. So on your wedding day, you’ll play the role you’ve been playing all your life, of the femme fatale – dangerously alluring, entrancing guests in your hypnotizing beauty and charm. You know they’re expecting a bold look that will have all eyes glued to you as you strut down the aisle, but there will only be one pair you’re searching for. Let him find you winking back and wearing the dangerously sexy style 8870, the va-va-voom look of style 8827, or the eye-catching look of style 8901.

The Girl Next Door.

You look best in jeans and a tee, messy hair, don’t care. Your beauty routine is a swipe of chapstick and maybe a bit of spf. You’re the purest form of yourself at the beach and you’re always ready to go, throwing your towel over your shoulder and putting on your favorite shades and hopping on your bike that’s parked right outside. You’re naturally carefree. You’re known for your sincerity and sense of humor. You’re fiercely loyal to the people you love and especially to the one you’ve decided to spend your life with, so on your wedding day, you want to be comfortable and beautiful. Something that feels like an heirloom in antique lace, or a no-frills straight-neck stunningly-simple gown, with uncomplicated accessories and a bright smile you couldn’t hide if you tried. You’ll shine in styles 87918880, or 8822.


The Hollywood Ingenue

Audrey. Grace. Greta. Vivien. They might as well have been your contemporaries, your colleagues. You exude such an old hollywood glamour that even your speech is impenetrably elegant. You have no tolerance for insignificance and despise fashion trends – style is eternal, and it’s an intrinsic characteristic. Red lipstick is the only accessory you’re concerned with. That, of course, and your grandmother’s diamond earrings, that never leave their posts. You’ve pictured your wedding dress as the perfect frame of a timeless oil portrait. It’s imperative that the frame is there, for presentation and stability, and it adds just enough embellishment, but mainly exists to highlight what’s inside, with beauty, grace, and reverence, secured in time for years and years to come. The dresses worthy of such dignified magnitude have subtle beaded lace, simple elegant necklines, slightly sweeping trains, and touchabley timeless silks. Picture yourself in styles 88258811, and 8862.

The Hopeless Romantic

Ok, so you’ve actually been preparing for this day your whole life. Why? Because you feel that there’s no point to life if it isn’t for love. You’ve had your bridal party selected for as long as you can remember, because your friends are family. You’re deeply compassionate and everyone in your life knows they can depend on you or reach out to you for anything. Your beauty starts from within and radiates through the simple grace with which you approach every day. You’ve pictured your wedding as a modern fairytale, reinterpreting the role of a princess as a woman who is as hopeful as she is strong. Layers of tulle and eye-catching details will only highlight the love exuding from your heart. Fall in love all over again in styles 87798902, and 8852.


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