June 27, 2022

Your Wedding, Your Dress

What happens when you take the groom out of the wedding and have two brides? Do they both have to wear a dress because they both are brides? Does one have to wear a dress and one a tux to keep the balance of a wedding? Or do they both wear a tux? It’s all so confusing…

Then again, is it really that confusing? We live in 2022, brides should wear whatever they want, whatever makes them feel comfortable and at their best. And it is up to no one to judge that choice. If a bride –and this goes for all brides, not just queer ones—wants to wear a long white dress and a veil, they should wear a long white dress and a veil. If they want to wear a mini dress, they should wear a mini dress. If they want to wear a tuxedo, they should wear a tuxedo. If they want to get married in a leather jacket, they should wear that leather jacket. Your wedding day is yours; no one can take the specialty and happiness of that day away from you. The fashion police are off duty on your wedding day, and so are sexist, pre-historical beliefs. Your wedding is the day you get to marry the love of your life and it should be a safe space where the both of you are able to express yourself, creativity, and identity.

Justin Alexander wants to make sure of that; that every bride will be herself when walking down the aisle. It’s the very reason why we have five different brands- to ensure that every bride will find "the" dress. Each collection of wedding dresses is as diverse as the brides who wear them: timelessly classic, modern and on-trend, free-spirited and adventurous, romantically elegant, and trendy and fun. We want you to choose a bridal look that speaks to you –regardless of expectations or opinions—because that moment is not about being straight or queer, masculine or feminine, it’s about being a bride. So, go ahead and be the bride of your dreams (as unconventional as that might be)!

The brand Justin Alexander is the realization of a chic, timeless, elegant wedding. Its latest collection turns the dream of a luxurious Old Hollywood inspired wedding into reality. Justin Alexander is for the Grace Kellys, and Merlyn Monroes of today. It’s for the for the Blair Waldorfs and Serena Van der Woodsens of brides; for the Upper East Siders who love dry martinis (with extra olives). For the brides that walking down the aisle equal walking down a red carpet. What better way to do that and show off your your shape in a sleek fit and flare gown like style Dillon. It will have you feeling comfortable, confident and sexy in its stretch crepe design, featuring a stylized scoop neckline with straps that lead to a low open back. Princess seams extending down the front and back elongate your figure and accentuate your curves. A soft jersey lining and chapel length train are the final touches to this modern wedding dress. 

Adore is for the city brides, the ones from metropolitan areas, who value the simple gatherings more than over-the-top, extravagant, out-there weddings. It’s for the small displays of love, rather than the grand gestures. Adore is for the Kendall Jenners, the Gigi Hadids, and the Alexa Chungs of this world. Simply elegant in crepe jumpsuit, Kennedy is perfect for the bride who wants to be in white but not wear a dress; the bride who wants to blur, or better yet balance, her feminine and masculine energy! A flattering pleated bodice accents the bikini neckline while the illusion V-back is adorned with sequined lace appliqués. Crepe streamers at the back create a self-tie bow for a feminine touch, and the striking wide-leg silhouette brings effortlessness to the party. The style is complete a comfortable jersey lining and pockets – yes, you heard that right: you get to walk down the aisle wearing pants with pockets!

Sincerity Bridal is a brand for the traditional, hopeless romantics, and through its last collection these key ideals are more than highlighted; they are brought to life in youthful, dreamy designs. It is for the brides who love weddings, and who have dreamed of their own ever since they remember. Sincerity is for the little girls who scrapbook their future wedding (Bride Wars style), and then proceed to make it reality. So why not float through your day wearing an enchanting A-line bridal gown, like style 44303. Designed with an illusion bodice, it features a sweetheart neckline with detachable off-the-Shoulder straps. Sequined and lightly beaded appliqués gently float throughout the airy, soft tulle skirt and down the chapel length train. The style is paired with a cathedral length veil that's embellished with matching appliqués to complete the vision that mini-you created in a scrapbook a couple years back –we both know she’d swoon over this look.

Lillian West is for the free, independent, wild brides. It is for the effortlessly ‘IT’ girls; the Bella Hadids, and Zoe Kravitzes of the world. The brand is what we call a spiritual, bohemian, romantic, alternative dream; no one word fits just right, so we’ll just have to settle for a line long list of adjectives. Let’s be honest: us girls love a good lace, but we love an outfit match even more! Make a bold statement with a sexy plunging V-neck bridal dress, like style 66187, and an organic, aethereal dress like style 66193. Style 66187 is created with an embroidered chiffon allover lace for a truly unique look. The illusion bodice and thin straps lead to an unexpected back with a spaghetti crisscross finish that's sure to stun. Style 66193 is a contouring fit and flare bridal dress that will make you feel your best. Detachable off the shoulder straps complement the sweetheart neckline while the illusion bodice reveals sexy exposed boning. These two are truly a complement to each other, but they shine on their own just as much.

 Justin Alexander Signature is for the trendsetters, the brides for whom the streets are a runway, and the aisle is New York Fashion Week; something sacred, sublime even. Signature is for the Naomi Campbells, Kate Mosses, and Joan Smalls of the world; the ones who changed how we view high fashion today. Signature is the perfect brand for a statement dress, or two –instead of matching your partner, contrast them. Wear a hyper feminine and a masculine dress, wear Hamilton and Melena. Feminine with a touch of drama, Hamilton is a sculptural fit and flare wedding gown featuring a square cut V-neckline that is complemented with a stylish empire waistline. When she turns, the back reveals illusion straps set off with a statement making bow. Melena, on other hand, is clean fabrics blending to form a bold strapless ball gown. Designed with a classic dropped waist, the bodice is created in a luxurious butter satin and detailed with intricate couture seaming. The style is paired with a dramatic oversized bow with a daring pop of color. You two will oppose each other down to the bows; as previously stated you will blur, balance, and/ or blend femininity and masculinity in the most beautiful display of love.

Looking at the different brands and dresses serves to show the range of looks a bride can choose for their day, and the dresses pictured picture not even 10% of those options. There are so many more dresses, styles, silhouettes, and necklines that we cannot begin to cover them in one go. But know this: you will find your dress with Justin Alexander (and if not with Justin Alexander, then with Adore, Sincerity, Lillian West or Signature).

Before closing this article, it should be noted that this is but a mere contribution to the conversation, a conversation that queer people have been having for years and will continue to do so until it is no longer “normal” for couples to be confronted with awkward questions of deeply rooted, internalized patriarchal norms.

Your wedding, your dress! Your style, your voice!

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