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#Bridecrush: Hailey Johnson

Hailey Johnson_Lillian West_Bridecrush_Style 66025

Lillian Bride, Hailey tied the knot with her hubby Payton, in a stunning Lillian West wedding gown: Style 66025! This Lillian West beauty was purchased at Adore Bridal Boutique and we couldn’t be happier for the newlyweds! Scroll for more photos and to read Hailey and Payton’s love story!

From the Bride 

When Payton and I met on August 24, 2016, we never would have guessed that we’d be getting married exactly 3 years later to-the-date. First, we were friends for a year, and eventually getting over our stubbornness, we started dating and then Payton proposed during our first visit to Hawaii.

I love "Firsts." I claim Payton as my first date, first boyfriend, firsthand-to-hold, and my first kiss. Getting married for us was a celebration of our best-ever "First”: our wedding day!

To make this the best First Day of Forever, the dress was #1 on the wedding planning list. While I’m a “no-frills” kind of girl, I still wanted to feel my most beautiful self on my wedding day. It all started with Adore Bridal Boutique: an antique home converted to the sweetest dress shop. Emily helped me pick the dress -- zero pressure, full of sweet compliments, so much fun, and surprisingly relaxing. It was easy to feel stunning in every dress they had, but there was one that stood out over the rest. Full of lace, low back yet modest cut, cinched at the waist, a train that would make any girl feel magical, and a perfect veil to tie it all together… this was it! The dress was picked, and then everything else just fell together.

We wanted to fit both of our personalities together while upholding traditions for our family. Meeting, falling in love, and starting our life in Texas, we wanted to have the most "Texcellent" wedding that we could create. A barn venue and cowboy boots were a must! However, I was raised in Georgia, so the wedding had to happen near my hometown. Luckily for us, a cute town named Dallas in Georgia held the PERFECT venue: Moonlight Stables. It also just-so-happened to have the same name as the ranch that Payton and I both worked at in Texas. This brand-new venue completed building in excellent timing: the day before the wedding -- perfect timing for this to be our first wedding on the property!

A Lutheran Pastor, a Baptist Brother, and a Jewish Rabbi walked into the, there’s no punchline -- that was the wedding ceremony! We wanted to include my father who is a Pastor, the Pastor that Payton grew up with, and the Rabbi who had been a mentor for us. The ceremony was complete with signs of 1 Corinthians 13 going down the aisle and a traditional chuppah-- all handmade by both Payton and me.

The food was a hometown favorite of mine, the bakery agreed to make Payton the most excellent grooms’ cake (she literally made it the shape of Texas), and the DJ was the absolute best! Everything about the day was perfect and magical. Most importantly, I felt AMAZING all day and all night long because of my stunning Lillian West wedding gown!


Congratulations to the newlyweds!


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Bride: Hailey Johnson | Groom: Payton Johnson | Photography: Amy Crowe Photography | Boutique: Adore Bridal Boutique | Venue: Moonlight Stables

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