Σεπτ. 14, 2017

Drifting Into Love

When Nicola Prebble, owner of The White Wardrobe, Hitchin, was faced with helping one of her lifelong friends, Jude, find the perfect wedding dress she was excited and slightly nervous as it had to be amazing. A self described "princess tomboy", Jude wanted something glamorous and sexy but she also wanted to feel like a princess. This combination can be tricky to get right.

According to Nicola, part of the challenge was the locations - the wedding was on a beach in Australia; the reception was in Knebworth Barns in Hertfordshire; and lastly, Jude wanted to wear her dress again for a very special photoshoot at a racetrack! Sounds outrageous right? Not so much if you know the couple. Jude met her husband-to-be, Keelan, through their favorite pasttime- drifting. So it just felt right that it should be a big part of their wedding.

Nicola knew that finding a dress that matched all three of these dynamic settings was going to be a challenge, but she had something in mind for Jude: "I just knew the Justin Alexander two piece dress (Style 8900) would be amazing, with its lace see through bodice and full tulle light-weight skirt. She could be a glamorous princess all in one dress." On the day Jude came to shop for her wedding dress, Nicole recalls, "she was so open minded- it was lovely." Jude came alone as she wanted it to be a secret from everyone except Nicola.

After trying on a selection of dresses that Jude had chosen, it was time to try on the Justin Alexander dress. At first look, Jude thought it might be too big and heavy, but Nicola convinced her friend to try it on. It was perfect in every way; Jude even commented how she felt like a princess in her dress, so Nicola knew every box had been checked.

When the big day arrived, Jude looked stunning. Nicola recalls, "Jude emailed me some pictures of her and Keelan on the beach and it filled me with love and pride to have helped a friend on her special day."

A few weeks later, Nicola was able to see Jude in person at her wedding reception at Knebworth Barns in Hertfordshire. To hear all of the lovely comments from her friends and family made Nicolas heart melt a little: "It's the great part of what we do, we make people happy." 

You can find The White Wardrobe at 45 Bancroft, Hitchin SG5 1LA, UK or by phone at 01462 431734.

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