2019 Trends | Pockets

Pockets! This small detail is becoming a hit sensation amongst brides-to-be everywhere. Current brides are insisting for a wedding dress with pockets, while those who have already said "I do" are wishing they had them. Pockets are a small touch that have traditionally been overlooked. Pockets in wedding dresses have great functionality! They equip brides for whatever their wedding day brings - snacks, tissues, jewelry, and maybe even a cell phone to take your first selfie as a married couple. Pockets are popping up on the runway and the altar, making them a new "must have" for newly engaged brides (and even bridesmaids). We believe in pockets so much that every one of our brands has wedding dresses with pockets! Check them out below then visit a retailer near you to try our bridal gowns on. 

Vestido asimétrico y drapeado con bolsillos
Vestido de gala liso en mikado con botones de cristal
Vestido de gala de seda cruda con escote de caja ilusión
Vestido de gala con escote de pico drapeado
Traje de gala de jácquard de organza con cuerpo de mikado sin mangas y escote en pico
Traje evasé en dupión de seda con escote de pico pronunciado en la espalda
Vestido de encaje rebrode y mikado con bolsillos

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