Set. 21, 2016

Helen and Alexander

Our Justin Alexander dresses often start by reinterpreting vintage looks. Layering stunning, intricate lace over timeless silhouettes and adding just a touch of embellishment to make it our own. #JAbride Helen chose style 8766 for her epic adventure of a wedding aboard an antique schooner in Bristol, in the United Kingdom. With the epic backdrop of the ship, her natural laidback sophistication looked elegant and regal. She and her husband Alexander are no strangers to a love that lasts- of her day, she said, «I am so thankful for marrying my husband who I have known for 11 years.» With that foundation, there’s no doubt that they’ll be able to navigate even the stormiest seas and embrace so many beautiful adventures together. To copy her vintage-modern look, try styles 88828893, and 8906.

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