Nov. 28, 2022

Justin Alexander: Goddess Energy

Pandora, the first mortal woman, was created by the gods to be placed on Earth, which to that point was only inhabited by Greek gods and other –male— immortal beings.

Helen of Troy, the most beautiful woman in Greece, was the reason behind the infamous Trojan War. 

Pythia, the Oracle of Delphi, was a priestess of Apollo that had the ability to channel the Greek god and predict the future.

Ancient Greece worshipped the female form; the tales of divine and brave women –goddesses or mere mortals— fill Greek mythology and history. From arts to culture, Greeks immortalized these female heroes in songs, poems, sculptures, and stories passed down for generations to come. Many of theserved as examples of imitation to the Greeks, who looked up to them and considered them a source of inspiration

The Justin Alexander Spring/Summer 2023 collectionGoddess Energy, is inspired by such stories; stories that capture the beauty of the female form and the power of women in mythology. Filled with imagination and designed to emphasize and enhance, our gowns will evoke emotion. An exhibition of silhouettes that transcend time, brought into focus alongside decorative new lace designs and unique surface details. These gowns provide the perfect canvas for a bride to share her very own creative vision on her wedding day.

Hera, the Queen

In Greek mythology, the beautiful goddess Hera is Queen of the Greek gods and wife of Zeus, the King. Hera is the goddess of goddesses, women, marriage, and childbirth. Hera represents the union of the masculine and the feminine and is a goddess devoted to commitment and partnership.

We see Hera in Style Fiona, a crisp Mikado wedding dress with grace fit for a Queen. This gown is perfect for the sophisticated bride that wants to show off her stylish side. The clean fit and flare silhouette is elegant and minimal, but the gorgeous off-the-shoulder neckline steals the show.

Aphrodite, the Lover

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of beauty, love, and sexuality. She was said to be one of the most beautiful goddesses and though many were envious of her astounding beauty, nobody resented her. She assisted many deities and mortals to find true love.

Aphrodite is the subject of the worlds most famous pieces of art, among which Venus de Milo and Birth of Venus. This time it was the source of inspiration for Style Fletcher, a sensual fit and flare wedding dress. Luxurious charmeuse fabric is expertly constructed to create this modern and sexy gown. The scoop neckline has thin spaghetti straps that lead to an enchanting low and open back. 

Demeter, the Mother

Demeter is a Greek goddess of fertility, grain, and agriculture. She is pictured as a mature motherly figure. She is the goddess who taught mankind about agriculture, but she is also the goddess responsible for creating winter and a mysterious religious cult; her symbolic meaning came with a twist that made her character perfectly imperfect.  

Style Frankie realizes Demeter in its comfortable silhouette and clean look, complemented with a sexy twist –for character.  The clean stretch crepe A-line gown comes with a scoop neckline and bikini straps. But her unexpected “wow” element originates from a high slit and the hidden mini skirt underneath.

Artemis, the Hunter

Artemis is the fleet-footed goddess of the hunt. Often depicted in painting and sculpture with a deer or a hunting dog, she is both huntress and protectress of the living world. Artemis represents autonomy and defiance. 

Artemis’s untamed spirit is translated in Style Florencia; the gorgeous wedding gown features a wild tulle ruffled skirt in favor of her wild and voluminous personality. The dress also features a modern square neckline accented with subtle and sexy side illusion tulle insets. The sequined lace appliques on the bodice and skirt are an ode to Artemis’ love for roaming the forests.

Athena, the Warrior

Athena is the goddess of reason, wisdom, and war. She famously sprung fully formed from the forehead of Zeus wearing battle armor. Athena was a major figure in the Odyssey, she also guided Perseus and Heracles through their trials, and as a war goddess, an active participant in the Trojan War.

Athena is the patron goddess of Athens, which is named in her honor, and the Parthenon is her chief temple. Inspired by the harmonic proportions, art-like construction, and lifelike sculptures of the temple, Style Ford was designed. This fit and flare wedding dress is the epitome of modern clean; stretch crepe fabric, an architectural square neckline and open back, a seamed Basque waistline and a sculpting silhouette. Style Ford is stylish, sophisticated, and timeless.

Gaea, the Earth

Gaea was the Greek goddess of the Earth. She was quite possibly one of the most important females in Greek mythology because without her, there could be no one else. She was the primordial deity that succeeded all others at the dawn of creation. Gaia was the earth in all its physical forms, from the highest of mountains to the deepest of gorges, but she could also appear in a god-like form like any of the others.

Style Freesia is an ode to Gaea; an ornate picture of her, “Mother Earth”, in the form of a wedding dress. This enchanting style is Gaea reborn. The A-line gown is wholly adorned with sequined lace appliqués that sparkle throughout the skirt. Style Freesia is completed with a plunging V-neckline, long sleeves and an open V-back.

Calliope, the Muse

Calliope is one of the nine Muses, the muse of epic poetry, and the wisest of them. As the deity of epic poems and songs, she was the patroness of writers like Homer, Ovid, and Hesiod. By inspiring works that combined the stories of the gods and the past with beautifully crafted words, Calliope was credited with making sure the stories important to her were preserved forever.

In all her beauty and dreaminess, Calliope is the epitome of femininity and inspiration; qualities that are truly encapsulated in Style Florita. The ethereal lightweight A-line gown features the most romantic beaded 3-D floral details. The subtly sheer bodice features a strapless neckline with sexy exposed boning and delicate pleating overtop. The feminine slit offers a show of skin and makes the airy skirt full of movement.

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