März 07, 2018

The Perfect Fit: Finding the Right Dress For You

Finding the perfect wedding dress that fits your style, personality, and not to mention your gorgeous curves can be a frustrating experience. Thankfully here at Justin Alexander we are all about body positivity, and finding the dress that allows you to Be You on your big day. Even so, the process of choosing the perfect dress when there are so many options and body types out there can be daunting. We have gathered a list of 6 helpful wedding dress tips for discovering your dream dress!

1. Study Up!

Try to be knowledgable about what type of necklines are out there (hint: a lot), which fabrics you are most drawn to, and the various silhouettes that catch your eye. That way when you start your search, you'll already have an idea of what you want.

2. Be open!

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try on different styles and colors than what you are used to. Having an open mind may just lead to you finding the unexpected wedding dress of your dreams! Just because the A-line design works for some plus size brides doesn't mean it will be your look.

3. Don't Settle

Choose a dress that makes you look and most importantly, feel beautiful. We offer five distinct collections with varying silhouttes and designs, guaranteed to make you feel amazing. This is your big day, don't settle for anything less than perfect! 

4. Don't Stress

It's easy to become preoccupied with the number on the tag. Don't focus too much on the size of the dress. Most designers have varying size structures based on couture gowns and tiny models. As long as the dress fits and makes you feel great, there's no need to stress the small stuff. The majority of Justin Alexander wedding dresses, and our other designer collections, range in size from 2-32 with no upcharge.  

5. Bring a support squad!

Choosing a wedding dress can be overwhelming, even with the help of the expert salesperson. Recruiting some of your girls to go with you relieves the stress of making the decision by yourself, and allows for a fun experience. Your friends always have your best interests in mind and will give their honest opinion about which dresses make you look fabulous. 

6. Confidence is Key

Most importantly, be the confident queen you are and have fun! Your perfect dress is waiting. 

Check out a few of our many plus-size options from our Justin Alexander collections below.

A special thanks to the amazing ladies of Bombshell Bridal Boutique located in St. Clair Shores, Michigan for the beautiful images, especially Amanda who has this to say: It's so awesome to me, that designers are finally starting to really consider plus size brides. It's more than just offering plus sizes, it's being acknowledged that you are worthy and beautiful, just as you are. One more reason to love our JA family.

Visit Bombshell Bridal Boutique, Michigan's ONLY boutique specializing in curvy and plus size brides! Call them today to book your appointment: 586-294-7280.


Justin Alexander Signature Style 9858

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Justin Alexander Signature Style 9858 with Justin Alexander illusion tulle jacket Style 8873J

<img '="" alt="Justin Alexander Signature Style 9858" height="3936" src="" width="2624"/>

Sweetheart Gowns Style 1112

<img '="" alt="" height="3936" src="" width="2624"/>

Justin Alexander Style 8845

<img '="" alt="" height="3936" src="" width="2624"/>

Justin Alexander Style 8822

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